Winnebago Swingers
Image: ©1999 Corbis Images      by Imogene Schlemmer
     ISBN #0-466-93-2489
     $2.95 U.S./$3.95 Canada

"Riding on the Freeway of Lust"

 Spicey Excerpts:
"While outwardly calm, Wilhelmina's thoughts were racing. True, she and Hortence had been in the Yosemite Super8 RV lot for only 12 hours, but already Wilhelmina sensed an erotic charge more powerful than any other they'd yet encountered.
Could she have imagined the hungry glances of the couple in the 20 foot Airstream two lots down? She hoped not. Him, with his rugged all-terrain walker - and her, wrapped seductively in an alpaca shawl. Yes, they were swingers all right. And Wilhelmina knew just which jello mold she would take over to break the ice..."